Our Process

The Sphere process is based on one simple principle: our success is predicated on yours. Through careful research and analysis of your project, we eliminate the financial risk created by unpredictability. As true practitioners of the Agile methodology, we can adjust to changes quickly and efficiently. The hallmarks of our process are communication, transparency, agility, predictability and success!

Solution Discovery

Working for the sake of billable hours is bad business. Rather than plunging into a project without planning, Sphere starts with a Solution Discovery phase during which we work with you to understand your business objectives. Together we outline your development roadmap, accurately predict resource necessities, and list deliverable results.

User Stories & Wireframes

Written in simple every day terms, use stories capture the who, what and why of every element in your application. They provide the basis for determining the functionality your system must provide. The user stories get turned into wireframes and at this point you will start to have a visual sense of what your application will look like.


MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. Like most valuable players, software MVPs are a key to your business success. They enable fast and quantitative market testing among early adopter users, whose feedback ensures that your end users needs are being met. It is a vital tool in mitigating the risk that your product does not fit the market.


We employ the best practices of Agile development in bringing your project to life. These include:

  • SCRUM with 7-day or 14-day sprints
  • Continuous integration, TDD, code reviews and pair programming
  • Project tracking and collaboration using Jira, Confluence, SVN, Source Code Control through private Git repository
  • Visible project management through JIRA
  • Code and demos that are 100% visible at all times to our clients in private development sandbox areas
  • Daily and weekly reports and plans
  • Regular meetings via Skype/GoToMeeting/VOIP with minutes

Outside of regularly scheduled meetings, you are welcome and encouraged to communicate with our development team. That way, you know exactly where you stand in terms of budget, functionality and schedule on an ongoing basis.

Quality Assurance

Our QA teams consist of developers and user experience experts that do more than simply check for bugs. They will test and suggest improvements to the system. QA teams employ both automated and user testing to ensure that nothing leaves our development cycle unless its up to the standard you expect and the standard we stake our reputation on.

Ongoing Relationships

An important part of the way Sphere Consulting has grown over the years is the way we maintain relationships. We are proud of our work and we truly love to watch our clients grow and succeed with the sustainable applications we built for them. And of course we are always standing by ready to help should new needs arise.


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