We’re not simply developing software. We’re building a culture.

At Sphere, we believe in practicing what we preach. Our commercial success has come from client relationships based on respect, clear communication and long-term mutual benefit. But there is no way we would be able to maintain these relationships without first fostering such an environment internally. That’s why Sphere enjoys such a high retention rate with employees who embody our culture.

Our Culture

Our Culture

The great ancient Roman orator Cicero was the first to introduce the idea of culture as “cultura animi” – cultivation of the soul. In keeping with the greats who came before us, Sphere knows that building our corporate culture must start with the soul. We encourage an environment that nurtures development, imagination and fitness – which translates into dedication, team-work, reliability.

Our Pad

Our Pad

We like our space to speak to our culture. Sphere Consulting has offices in Chicago, New York, Miami, St. Petersburg, Russia, Kharkov, Ukraine and Kiev, Ukraine. Each space has its own personality, incorporating the look and feel of its location. We work hard, we work efficiently, but we also work comfortably.

Fuel for the

Fuel for the

While healthy eating is a must, we all have days when we need a little help to get through the grind. Sphere provides employees with a selection of gourmet coffee and the options of instant or freshly ground preparation methods. After work, take time to appreciate the craft of local award wining micro-brews. Sphere works hard to party hard!

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Healthy living doesn’t stop with food. Sphere enjoys company yoga and fitness sessions. Moreover, those who really enjoy a good sweat can join us for the company sponsored 5Ks and 8Ks. One of our employees has even completed both the Chicago Marathon and Olympic distance Triathlon.

Bi-Weekly Team-
Building Meetings

Bi-Weekly Team-
Building Meetings

Sphere employees are some of the most hard working and creative people around. We make time to let our creativity flourish in our bi-weekly team meetings where employees are encouraged to share ideas and side projects they have been kicking around. It is a time to share, relax, think, enjoy, and refocus.

Sponsored Trips

Sponsored Trips

Sometimes nothing beats getting out of the office for a while. Sphere employees have recharged and come back with amazing pictures from camping in Costa Rica, hiking the Mont Blanc, and enjoying ever festive Las Vegas.

Values S.P.H.E.R.E.

S.ense of Accountability

At Sphere, we pride ourselves on taking ownership and accountability for our actions. Once we are tasked with an assignment, each stakeholder has there own area of function that they are responsible for seeing through to the end. Yet we work cohesively, in a highly collaborative environment to ensure flawless execution.


Harvey Mackay once said – “find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. We call that passion! Every single member of our work family is truly passionate about what we do and the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.


“Honesty is the best policy”! To us this expression is more than just words on the wall. All too often in business we see people who compromise their own principles to sign that deal, delay a promised payment or get that additional financing. We believe that in the end such decisions lead to self- destruction. At Sphere our guiding principle is to conduct business in an honest fashion, no matter what.


We utilize the idea of business excellence – a systematic use of quality management principles and tools. Business excellence means improved individual and company performance through customer focus, stakeholder value, and efficient process management.

  • What is respect to us? It is a combination of three ideas:
  • 1. We Listen! In other words – we encourage and value the opinions of our team members and customers.
  • 2. Different is good! We honor and respect diversity of people, their ideas and their work approach.
  • 3. Work hard, play hard! We promote a healthy balance between work and life outside of it.

Steve Jobs once said: “The entrepreneurial spirit is about connecting the dots that don’t yet exist”. At Sphere, this is the philosophy that drives us forth. We love the creative process and continuously build brand new technology solutions. We constantly question ourselves about the “dots of opportunity” that are not yet born.

Adventures Powered by Sphere


Leon’s love of hiking has taken him from the Costa Rican rainforest to the heights of the European Alps. In 2013, Leon and his brother Michael completed the Tour-du-Mont Blanc – a hiking adventure that circumnavigated the famous Mont Blanc, winding through France, Italy and Switzerland. This adventure inspired the brothers to set Mt. Everest’s base camp as their next challenge.


Our resident yoga practitioner Mila took a yoga tour to Sri Lanka. Pictures can hardly capture the beautiful surroundings, the kindness of the people and the inner peace stemming from meditation. Mila hopes to visit every country in Asia, and we look forward to hearing about her experiences.


Andrey’s travel bug led him to Turkey. He shares stunning pictures of the start of the Bodrum Cup regatta. Turkey’s melting pot of cultures is a great analogy to the diverse and stimulating atmosphere as Sphere Consulting.


Nadya traveled to Austria and judging by the striking pictures of St. Johann im Pongau, we’re lucky to have her back. Constantly looking to feed her curiosity in foreign languages and cultures, Nadya has set her sights on South America next.


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